Talk Dirty To Me!

by Jane on May 2, 2011

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“Oh give it to me baby!” Is that about the extent of your dirty talking in the bedroom? Many couples whose sex lives start out hot and spicy in the beginning end up repeating a series of lackluster routine events that frankly…aren’t too exciting. There are plenty of men and women with the same complaint. “He/she used to be so erotic in the bedroom, demanding sexual performance and now…nothing.” It’s true. Once you become a husband or wife, mother or father – you may not feel as comfortable talking dirty in your partner’s ear. Still, dirty talk as foreplay, during and after sex can be a huge arousal tool that can set your love life on fire. Here are a few tips!

The first thing to do is to share with your partner what kind of dirty talk turns you on. Some of us are too embarrassed to even talk about it, and we just hope they will say the right things. However, your partner can’t read your mind. Don’t be afraid to let loose with some ‘loose’ language that steers your partner in the right direction. If you want your man or woman to be more hardcore, then ask for it! Using some well placed cuss words during sex can amp up the performance of any person and makes your love making sessions hotter than ever. And while you may be sure your partner doesn’t like to hear that talk from you, it may just be that they aren’t used to it. In fact, in a loving and healthy relationship – what happens in the bedroom doesn’t have to be in line with your responsibilities during the day. This should be your place to let go as a couple and increase your intimacy with one another, closing the outside world out completely. Remember the old adage, what goes on in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom? No one will know about your ‘dirty talk’ but you and your partner. So don’t hold back!

When is the last time you had a little phone sex with your partner? If you are in the mood, rather than wait it out all day until you are together, why not meet up over Skype or through a game of mad texting that shows him or her just how aroused you are. For many people, using emails or texts to indicate their desires and needs is easier than just calling them and blurting it out. Remember, men like women to be assertive, especially when it comes to sex!

If you feel silly talking dirty at first, then take it slow. You obviously don’t want your man rising up to look and make sure that you are still the same woman. However, whispering a few things that you like in his ears while he is in motion, interspersed with a few moans and groans are real turn ons for men. In addition to that, when he sees you more comfortable being verbal with your wants and desires, he may even let you in on a few fantasies of his as well. Who knows, it could open up a completely new type of sex to your relationship that is more fulfilling than ever before.

Perhaps the most important aspect of talking dirty to your man, is allowing him to see that you aren’t afraid or intimidated by erotic talk. Men often complain that their woman just lies there when they are having sex. Even if you don’t know all the moves and grooves yet to truly erotic lovemaking, dirty talk can help to spice things up.

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