Sex On The Beach

by Juliette on July 25, 2010

Sex on the Beach

If you’re feeling like your sex life has gotten into a bit of a rut, how about planning a weekend getaway? There’s nothing like a change of scenery to jump-start your love life and give you a needed break at the same time. If you’ve got kids, send them to Grandma’s and really allow yourselves some private time. Put on the email auto-responder and turn off the cell phone for two whole days. You can do it.

When choosing your location, keep in mind what you plan to spend your time doing. For some getaways, the quality of the room doesn’t matter that much because you won’t be spending time in it anyway. However, for a romantic getaway, unless you have another location in mind in which to have sex, get the nicest room you can afford. Some hotels and B&Bs specifically advertise the quality of their beds and pillows. That’s what you need for a romantic getaway! Think lots of sex and lots of sleep. Ahhhh. Beaches are also romantic places for a getaway, with lots of opportunities for pre-romp snuggling in the moonlight.

The next question is what to bring. Here are some suggestions for a well-prepared suitcase for a love-filled weekend:

Clothing– Try on your bathing suit and any other romantic pieces you may not have worn for a while. Make sure they still flatter you, and if not, leave enough time to go shopping for something new. Now’s not the time to go on a crash diet, because that’s no fun (and probably won’t work anyway). If necessary, go out and buy something new that makes you feel great.

Complements – Bring lube. If you will be in a water-based location, like the beach or a lake, remember that water will dry out the vagina so lube will be essential. If you’re lucky enough to have a hot tub or pool for late-night romps, try a silicone-based lube instead of water-based. They come in portable little packets that no one has to know about. Don’t forget to bring any of your favorite toys…or maybe even go out and get one you’ve always wanted to try.

Music– These days, with tiny iPods and portable speakers, there is no excuse for not having good music on hand to enhance the mood. Download some romantic tunes (George Michael’s album “Older” is particularly sexy) and pack them in your bag.

Towels – Most hotels won’t provide you with a beach towel sufficient for fooling around on the sand. Getting sand in your nether regions is not the most pleasant way to enjoy your sexy getaway and could even lead to itchiness. Bring at least one really big towel or blanket you can spread out on comfortably.

Sunblock – Don’t forget a nice strong, waterproof sunscreen. The last thing you want is to be so burnt you spend your weekend in pain and not wanting to be touched!

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