10 of the Best Sex Toys for Couples

by Sam on March 27, 2009

10 Best Sex Toys for Couples

Sex toys are a great way to liven up any sex life with a partner or just on your own. They provide pleasure in a number of different ways as well as variety and they are certainly not just for use when your alone! Here’s a list of ten of the best toys to invest in which will no doubt spice up your love life together! Always remember to take good care of your toys and always clean them after use and they’ll last longer to give you more pleasure!

1. Vibrators

rabbit1 150x150 10 of the Best Sex Toys for CouplesVibrators, although typically seen as a solo toy can add spice to a couple’s sex life. They can be used in various ways on either partner and are perfect if the lady has fantasies about a menage-a-trois! One of the most popular vibrators to ever grace the top shelves, the Jack Rabbit consists of a vibrating shaft with a pair of little ‘rabbit ears’ which curl onto the clitoris when the shaft is inserted. There have been many we vibe 150x150 10 of the Best Sex Toys for Couplesvariations of this toy throughout the years with the latest becoming more and more sophisticated!

A new player on the market is the We-Vibe, this unique vibe is designed to be used with your partner. This hands free vibe conforms to the female shape allowing a penis or dildo to easily fit into the vagina along with the We-Vibe with one end stimulating the G-spot and the other the clitoris. There’s a reason this one has won so many awards, it’s great for couples and perfect for solo play. Personally, this is the best toy I own! A must buy!

2. Penis Extensions

The penis extension comes is a toy that a man wears on the end of his erection to provide a larger feel for the woman, while he too enjoys himself. They come in a range of different styles and textures but personally I love the feel of Cyberskin, it feels just like human skin. A penis extension not only makes a man feel larger it also reduces the sensations for the man and so can help him last longer.

3. Vibrating Cock Ring

cockring 150x150 10 of the Best Sex Toys for CouplesComplete with a little bullet vibrator and a couple of small batteries, these latex or plastic toys are made to fit snuggly onto the penis. Sometimes the ring by itself will vibrate as you make love, but often these little rings come with appendages ‘ears’, ‘fingers’, ‘tongues’ etc which will tickle and tease the clitoris for a more electrifying triple stimulator 150x150 10 of the Best Sex Toys for Couplessexual experience. The vibrations also serve the man in that he will be provided pleasure at the base of his penis as well as the top.

For the more adventurous there are the rings that come with small dildos attached. The result: when the man’s penis is inserted vaginally, the vibrating unit will be positioned over the woman’s clitoral area, while the dildo will be positioned below – just right for anal penetration.

4. Anal Plug

analplug1 150x150 10 of the Best Sex Toys for CouplesAn anal plug can be fun! For a man the pressure the plug causes against his prostrate will provide a potentially different feel to his orgasm and may also make it stronger and more intense. For a woman an anal plug can provide some intense sensations and allows her to explore double penetration. Similar devices that serve the same purpose are anal beads and dildos although for beginners to anal play an anal plug is a great place to start!

5. Remote Control

Discreet and ultra sexy! Remote controlled toys can be used wherever you wish, meaning you can pleasure yourself or your partner while out shopping, riding a bus or doing the housework! Just try not to make too much noise! From vibrators to eggs, wired to wireless and now even internet enabled a remote control sex toy can add extra dimensions to your sex play!

egg 150x150 10 of the Best Sex Toys for Couplesegg2 10 of the Best Sex Toys for Couplesremoteanal 10 of the Best Sex Toys for Couples

6. Fingertip Vibrators

These small but intensely exciting toys are vibrators that fit onto the fingertips and add a great and titillating twist on masturbation. They are usually a soft, latex rubber and are equipped with little bumps or ribs to provide extra stimulation as you move them against yourself. Alternate between designs and styles by keeping a few on each finger!

7. Venus Butterfly

butterfly 10 of the Best Sex Toys for CouplesThis toy is, as the name suggests, a butterfly shaped vibrator. It attaches to the clitoris by elastic straps that fit around your legs and waist. Again, if you find yourself alone you can fix the butterfly in place and lay back and enjoy. But it is also useful when with a partner. As he penetrates you, the toy will vibrate on your clitoris as he chafes your G-spot. This is another toy that allows you double stimulation.

8. Sex Kit

If you’ve got something special planned, a romantic weekend away or an anniversary then something like the Kama Sutra Sweet Celebration Box is perfect. It is designed to transport your senses, allowing you to revel in the sweetness that comes from finding the perfect partner. For the chocolate lovers there’s always the old favourite, chocolate body paint!

9. Bondage Gear

Bondage isn’t all about whips and chains! Just about everyone can enjoy the feeling of being restrained while their partner plays and teases with with! For those just dipping their toes in the bondage water then something like the door jam cuffs or under bed restraint system is perfect. Or how about a beautiful set of matching ankle and wrist cuffs with blindfold to get the party started!

bondage1 150x150 10 of the Best Sex Toys for Couplesbondage2 10 of the Best Sex Toys for Couplesbondage3 10 of the Best Sex Toys for Couples

10. Costumes

Dressing up and playing lets pretend is a great way for couples to safely explore fantasies and to bring some spice into the bedroom. Take a look at some of the great costumes available. A baseball uniform, the not so traditional nurses uniform and of course the school girl outfit!

baseball 10 of the Best Sex Toys for Couplesnurse 10 of the Best Sex Toys for Couplesschoolgirl 10 of the Best Sex Toys for Couples

Remember to always clean your toys and store them according to guidelines, so you can enjoy them over and over again!

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April March 28, 2009 at 12:34 am

Love the nurses uniform, will have to get one of those, so HOT!

steve June 23, 2009 at 7:25 am

Love the bondage gear and the cock rings.

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