The Resting Position

For even deeper penetration the woman may fall into a Resting Position. In the resting position the woman stays on her knees but lets her chest and shoulders to rest on the bed. With a simple swing of the hips upward maximum penetration is assured. The woman can rest against a pillow or other object & focus on the sensations rather than the balance. Another great little trick with this position is for the woman to “roll” or “grind” her hips into her partner in a slow methodical manner… will drive you both nuts!

The Tao calls this position “The White Tiger”

Love it!

Love it, provides a great view

Her Pleasure
His Pleasure
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linda June 10, 2011 at 10:12 pm

give me some comments or photos please thanks they told me that ur website will help me 4 more ideas thanks

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