Laying Rear Entry

A bit trickier but no less exciting is the Laying Rear Entry position. With this sex position the woman lays flat on her stomach, spreading her legs just enough to allow him insertion. Once he has penetrated her she can then close her legs again to get the full effect. Insertion can be tricky on this one & penetration is often minimal. This position will however give the man an incredible amount of pressure on his penis & can lead him to some earth shattering orgasms. This position is wonderful for ladies with back problems or those ladies who just want to relax & enjoy the sensations. The woman can also slip one hand under herself for manual stimulation.

In the Kama Sutra this is known as the Elephant Posture

Yup we keep coming back to this one time and again

Top marks! Tight, intimate, love it!

Her Pleasure
His Pleasure
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