Him on Top Positions

The most traditional positions of all. Him on top tends to offer an intimacy and closeness that many couples find hard to beat. If you’re feeling romantic nothing can beat a slow missionary session with eyes locked on each other.

Thumbnail image for The Press

As the woman moves her legs up her man (notice the theme here?), the penetration becomes deeper & deeper. By placing her feet on his shoulders in what we will […]

Thumbnail image for The Rising Position

With a slight “twist” of her hips a couple can move from the over the shoulder press to the twisted press. What’s the point you say? By moving her hips […]

Thumbnail image for The Widely Open Position With Pillow

For those of you ladies who have lower back problems or just can’t seem to get the flow of that back arch we would suggest the Open Position With Pillow. […]

Thumbnail image for The Yawning Position

The next variation on this theme is what is known as the Yawning Position. This sex position allows the woman to remain flat on her back. By raising her legs […]

Thumbnail image for Widely Open Press Position

For the absolutely deepest penetration possible you can combine the widely open position with a press. He straightens his legs and holds both himself, and her legs up with with […]

Thumbnail image for Lying Flat (Clasping Position)

Although it is limited in penetration this is a wonderful position for that ‘slow comfortable screw’. In this position the woman simply curls her legs around her lovers legs and […]

Thumbnail image for The Splitting Position

From the Ananga Ranga: The woman lies on her back and her partner enters her from the kneeling position. He then lifts her legs straight up resting them on his […]

Thumbnail image for The Intact Position

From the Ananga Ranga: While lying on her back the woman raises her legs and bends them at the knee so that they rest against her partner’s chest when he […]

Thumbnail image for Raised Feet Position

From the Ananga Ranga. Lying on her back the woman bends her legs at the knees and draws them back as far as she can. Her partner enters from the […]

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