Exotic Sexual Position

Bored of your usual routine? Want to mix it up with some more exotic positions? Then check out these positions from the Kama Sutra, Ananga Ranga and Perfumed Garden.

Thumbnail image for Tail Of The Ostrich

Great position, easy to get into from missionary or most him on top positions. Can add that little extra angle to the penetration.

Love it, feelings like you’re completely out of […]

Thumbnail image for Gripping With The Toes

From the Perfumed Garden: The man is unable to thrust freely in this position but it is good for expressing tenderness and as an interlude between more vigorous lovemaking.

We actually […]

Thumbnail image for The Cross Legged Press

An odd sex position to say the least but the cross legged press does have some great features. If the woman is able to raise her legs far enough up […]

Thumbnail image for The Cross Position

An odd position that doesn’t always work. Usually the couple has to move into this position from the missionary position. One problem with this position is the length and rigidity […]

Thumbnail image for The Kneeling Half Press

With some slight adjustments to the press a couple can move into the kneeling half press. Again this position allows for decent penetration and leaves hands free for other things. […]

Thumbnail image for The Yawning Position

The next variation on this theme is what is known as the Yawning Position. This sex position allows the woman to remain flat on her back. By raising her legs […]

Thumbnail image for Widely Open Press Position

For the absolutely deepest penetration possible you can combine the widely open position with a press. He straightens his legs and holds both himself, and her legs up with with […]

Thumbnail image for Acrobatic 69

Basically she stands on hers hands while he sits on the edge of the bed or some piece of furniture and holds her legs up.

This doesn’t really work, he can […]

Thumbnail image for Cross Legged Slide

This sex position can be a little tough to get into but it’s well worth it once you do! While he sits on the bed or anything else she lies […]

Thumbnail image for Over The Side Lap Position

If you are feeling adventurous then this is the position to try. The man can slowly ease the women back from the bedside lap position until her shoulders touch the […]

Thumbnail image for Wheelbarrow Handstand Position

Not for the faint hearted. This has to be one of the most acrobatic positions we have ever come across.

We call this the wheelbarrow handstand. The toughest part of this […]

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