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Oral sex, giving head, going down, muff diving, cunnilingus. Oral sex is known by many names. The source of much pleasure and dare I say it confusion and anxiety for many couples. Take a look through our detailed guides on how to give a great blow job or make your lady see stars!

Oral Sex, an Introduction

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Oral sex has more & more become an acceptable practice in modern life. As we all know the topic screamed into the limelight several years ago thanks to a certain “high-ranking” government official that will remain nameless at this time, but we all know who we are talking about! Actually the practice of oral sex, in both forms has been around since the dawn of time in almost every civilization.

During the puritanical onslaught of the early 13th century a stigma of unacceptability was attached to oral sex that has endured in some cultures to this very day. Thankfully most lovers have decided this stigma is completely unacceptable & ignore it. Almost every well rounded sex life includes some form of oral sex. What does seem to appear from time to time is the scenario of one partner performing oral sex on their partner with no reciprocation from the other partner. This, in our opinion, is unfair to the other partner & leads to the orally active partner feeling that they are being taken for granted.

Most of the non-participating partners we have found usually suffer from the age-old preconception that oral sex is somehow “dirty” yet they will allow it to be performed on them! If you are one of these people we have some serious walls to tear down! Oral sex is in fact one of the most enjoyable forms of sex there is. It is as important to a woman as a man & may help with orgasm & erection problems. In some ways using your mouth to stimulate your lovers genitals can be seen as the ultimate act of trust & love. Oral sex in no way belittles a person or makes them “dirty” or slutty. Giving of yourself to your lover completely & without condition is a giant step in showing them you trust them completely & care for them deeply.

Cleanliness Counts…….Big Time!!

Some couples problems with oral sex stem from a belief that a persons genitals are smelly or somehow unclean & to a point they could be right. When engaging in oral sex cleanliness is of the utmost concern. Both the male & female sex organs can have an odour or different taste than most are used to. The flavour of a woman’s vagina can differ from day to day & is affected by her menstrual cycle, her hormones even her diet and exercise regime. The point we are trying to make here, and to steal a line from Redd Fox is, “Hit that thing with a wash cloth”. A little respect for your partner is in order here. If you wish them to perform oral sex on you make sure you are as fresh as you can be!

Going All The Way

Most people reading this, at first glance, are going to think we are talking about women allowing men to ejaculate in their mouth but this can apply to both men & women. For those of you sitting there scratching your head wondering what the heck I’m talking about let me be the first to inform you that women can ejaculate. Don’t believe it? HA, my wife is living proof. It is an astonishing thing to most people & something that medical science is just starting to understand. It has been proven that, in fact women have the capability to ejaculate on a regular basis. Women can have ejaculations of very minor amounts of this fluid or can explode in a gush that would make most penises feel like underachievers. Trust me folks, it is an experience unlike any other you have ever witnessed, but I digress.

Allowing your lover to ejaculate in your mouth is a matter of personal preference for everyone. Many have problems with the taste & consistency of the fluid. One thing that is known is that there is nothing in either sperm or female fluid that will harm you in any way, shape or form. Once again, as with all of our topics on this site, lovers may want to discuss this & air any problems they may have with this. One solution to this problem would be to bring your partner to the brink of orgasm & then finish off with your hand. This requires some trust & responsibility by the recipient to tell you when their orgasm is about to happen.

Great Oral Sex For Both At One Time

Oral Sex always seems to be associated with one partner receiving at a time. Great stuff but to really get the proverbial juices flowing why not give each other oral sex at the same time? You may have guessed by now that I am talking about the world famous 69. Each partner faces the other (flipped upside down of course) and gives the other oral sex. It’s really as simple as that. Why shouldn’t both of you enjoy oral sex at once?

Venturing On

As with many of our other sections we have written these for each separate lover to read, with the hopes that both will read them & discuss them. The “Oral Sex For Her” section has been written by a man & is specifically designed to give tips & tricks to a woman who wishes to become more proficient in oral sex with her lover. Likewise the “Oral Sex For Him” section is written by a woman for men who wish to expand their knowledge, & abilities in this area.

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Minnesota Fireman June 18, 2009 at 8:04 am

So, geographically speaking…….is there a reason Minnesota women do not allow themselves to be on the receiving end of this gratifying experience? Now don’t rush to judgement, I know what I am doing with my mouth and tounge (*and have references) but for some reason I have to travel to the east and just barely into wisconsin where the ladies there will almost line up for it!

Are Minnesota girls mis led by high school health teachers or WHAT?

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