Great Relationship, Bad Sex?

by Sam on August 6, 2011

Great Relationship Bad Sex

Everything seems perfect about your partner…except for the sex? When you’re happy in so many other ways, it can be tempting to believe that bad sex is no big deal. But make no mistake, this can be a relationship killer. Remember what they say about the big 3: Money, Sex, and Children. If you’re not together on those things, your relationship doesn’t have much of a chance. But before you give up, work on it! Improving your sex life is totally within your power.
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Talk Dirty To Me!

by Jane on May 2, 2011

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“Oh give it to me baby!” Is that about the extent of your dirty talking in the bedroom? Many couples whose sex lives start out hot and spicy in the beginning end up repeating a series of lackluster routine events that frankly…aren’t too exciting. [click to continue…]

Your First BDSM Dungeon Experience

by JennRa on April 30, 2011

Your First BDSM Experience

Perhaps you have been curious about visiting or just finding a BDSM dungeon near you. You may not want to freely talk to your neighbors or colleagues about your desire, and you may even be harboring a little shame or regret for your interest. [click to continue…]

Online Dating – Making the Most of Your Time Online

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Once you’ve chosen an online dating service, you’ll want to make the most of your investment. Even if the service you’ve chosen is free of charge, online dating represents an […]

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Sexy Stocking Fillers for under $10

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It’s almost that time of year again, the Christmas decorations have been up for weeks and the weather is either heating up or cooling down depending which side of the […]

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How to Avoid Turning Sex into a Chore

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Is it a sad fact that in a lot of relationships and particularly after a couple gets married, sex becomes more like a chore than a pleasure and expression of […]

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Partner Communication 101

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When we start an intimate relationship with someone, most of us don’t begin the relationship by rattling off our understanding of relationship terms to make sure our prospective partner is […]

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Humor in the Bedroom

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Sex is not really going to be terribly enjoyable if it is not taken lightheartedly, and treated as fun, which is what it’s supposed to be. When dealing with bodily […]

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Porn for Women

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Many women mistakenly think that there is no good porn for women out there. They find most porn to be full of ugly men, women with fake boobs and too […]

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Top 5 Mistakes Women Make In Bed

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When it comes to mistakes, you don’t want them mentioned in the same sentence as sex.  Especially by your lover.  However, even the most libidinous of women would have to […]

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Making Sex Fun Again

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Is your love life losing some of its fire? It’s a pretty common problem, actually. According to a study by Harvard, one in eight adult women are distressed about the […]

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